Business Philosophy

The company name “Formless” came from the company’s philosophy that architectural design should be derived from the creation of space, correspondence of environment and culture, and most importantly, the satisfaction of function, with the architectural form being the concrete representation after the merging of these three ideals.
Therefore, there should not be a particular style, nor should there be a preference towards popular styles.


Formless architects’ services include programming strategy, planning, architecture, interior and landscape design. We can provide services from day one of the development to operations stage with our multidiscipline expertise and ability to integrate each of the profession. A good project starts from initial programming stage, and with years of practice experience internationally and locally, the firm can help client from pre-design stage strategizing, overall master planning, to an integrated design process of architecture, interior and landscape.


The firm is established by Eric Jen-Tsung Chang and Chia-Yi Chu, who were educated in Taiwan and U.S. and have been practicing internationally and locally for over a decade. With continuous exploration and search for the intrinsic philosophy of architecture, the two founders have developed their thinking under a broader vision, while sharpening their ability to sculpt fine details, thereby establishing Formless Architects’ philosophy of “listening to the land, satisfying the needs, being people-oriented.” They interpret spaces with simplicity, yet their working process leads to a rich outcome; they devote themselves to pursue essence of space, to search the originality of each project, and to avoid the form-driven approach without diving deeply into context.